KRG UK High Representative attends Westminster Counterterrorism Conference

London, United Kingdom ( The Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the United Kingdom, H.E. Karwan Jamal Tahir attended a major conference on Counterterrorism in the heart of Westminster hosted by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in partnership with the government of the State of Qatar to discuss the evolution of terrorism and the growing challenges of counterterrorism.  The conference brought together politicians, academics, security practitioners, experts, and diplomats.

The aim of this conference was to examine international counterterrorism challenges and opportunities for cooperation. The panellists provided in-depth analysis of various elements of counterterrorism, including the role of law enforcement, the military, intelligence agencies, and the importance of international cooperation. The conference was addressed by the Rt Honourable Alistair Burt MP, Minister of State for International Development and Minister of State for the Middle East at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Minister Burt said: “Terrorism and its close relative violent extremism is without doubt the scourge of our age. It is evil, steals lives, controls resources and divides communities. No society is immune and no single country has the answer to this scourge.  The United Kingdom is at the forefront of the international effort in the fight against terrorism.”

During the conference, Karwan Jamal Tahir, the KRG High Representative to the UK called upon the United Nations Security Council to step up their efforts to hold Daesh accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Iraq.


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