• Prime Minister Barzani receives British ambassador to Iraq

    Thu, 13 Sep 2018 12:22

    Prime Minister Barzani stressed the importance of the unity among the Kurdistan political blocs which would strengthen the position of the Kurdistan Region in Baghdad. He said the participation and the positive role of the Kurdistan Region in the new Iraqi parliament and government are important for the settlement of the differences between the KRG and Baghdad.

  • (Kurdish) نێچیرڤان بارزانی و باڵیۆزی به‌ریتانیا دۆخی سیاسیی عێراق تاوتوێ ده‌كه‌ن

    Thu, 13 Sep 2018 12:10

    (Kurdish) له‌ دیدارێكدا دوا پێشهاته‌كان و دانوستانه‌كانی پێكهێنانی كابینه‌ی نوێی حكوومه‌تی عێراق تاوتوێ كرا و له‌مباره‌یه‌وه‌ شاندی میوان جه‌ختیان له‌ پێویستیی ڕۆڵی‌ هه‌رێمی كوردستان له‌ پێكهێنان و هاوبه‌شى له‌ بڕیاره‌كانی حكوومه‌تی داهاتوودا و چاره‌سه‌ركردنی كێشه‌كانی هه‌ولێر ـ به‌غدا به‌ ڕێگه‌ی دیالۆگ كرده‌وه‌ و ده‌ستخۆشییان له‌ ده‌ستپێشخه‌ریه‌كانی به‌ڕێز سه‌رۆك وه‌زیران كرد. شاندی میوان خۆشحاڵیى خۆى بۆ ئه‌نجامدانی هه‌ڵبژاردنه‌كانی هه‌رێمی كوردستان له‌ كاتی دیاریكراوی خۆیدا ده‌ربڕى و هیوای به‌ڕێوه‌چوونی هه‌ڵبژاردنێكی سه‌ركه‌وتوویان بۆ هه‌رێمی كوردستان خواست.

  • All-party parliamentary group (APPG) on Kurdistan holds its annual general meeting

    Fri, 13 Jul 2018 2:17

    The all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, which marks its eleventh anniversary this year, held its annual general meeting this week.

  • KRG UK Representation holds its Summer Reception at the UK Parliament

    Thu, 12 Jul 2018 3:25

    KRG High Representative said that We hold this summer reception at a time when Iraq has survived ISIS. It is almost a year since ISIS was largely defeated on the ground by the federal Iraq’s security forces and Region’s Peshmerga forces. But this victory would not have been possible without the international community’s support including Britain which has been providing military support for all the forces, including the Peshmerga.” He also added that “We are now awaiting an inclusive government that will embrace and serves the interest of all

  • KRG High Representative meets Lebanon ambassador to the UK

    Thu, 12 Jul 2018 11:54

    The two sides discussed areas of mutual concerns including security, political, cultural and economic developments in both the Kurdistan Region and Lebanon. Mr Tahir underlined the strong collaboration between the Kurdistan Region and Lebanon in the economic, social and cultural spheres. Mr Tahir said: “The Kurdistan Region and Lebanon have a strong bilateral relationship and continued cooperation is vital to pursue common interests and tackle shared challenges.”


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