KRG UK Representation attends Youth and Competencies Conference 2018


The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the United Kingdom in partnership with the Arab Supplementary School Society in the United Kingdom hosted a conference on Youth and Competencies which aimed to support the youth programmes in Iraq by exchanging experiences among the Iraqi youth at home and abroad, benefiting from the practical experiences carried out by the Iraqi youth in the United Kingdom and discussing the ideas of new projects and their applicability in Iraq by extending communication bridges between Iraqi youth in Iraq and abroad. This conference was sponsored by the American University of Dohuk.

The keynote speeches were made by the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the United Kingdom, Dr Saleh Al-Tamimi, Minister of Youth and Sports, Abd el-Hussein Abd el-Reda Abtan,and Provost at the American University of Kurdistan,  Dr Nazar M.S. Numan and the Mayor of Brent, Councillor Bhagwanji Chohan.  Dr Al-Tamimi stated that “We welcome initiatives by our youth in the UK whom has the desire to contribute to the reconstruction of their society in order to make positive differences to their communities at home and abroad. We hope that the upcoming election will be successful and will results in building a strong and stable parliament and government where the youth is given a chance to have a voice in local decision making.”

Abd el-Hussein Abd el-Reda Abtan, the Minister of Youth and Sports focused on opportunities and challenges related to youth development in Iraq. His Excellency said: “In Iraq, the young people constitute a high percentage of the population, their success and failure will have an immense impact on society.  Our youth have demonstrated positive characteristic in the face of various challenges, including the fight against Daesh. The Iraqi forces along with the Peshmerga fought and sacrificed their lives to defend the land of Iraq.” The Minister also identified the inadequacies in the quality of education and how the education system responds to youth aspirations and labour market needs.

Dr Numan, Provost at the American University of Kurdistan said “We need to evolve our education system to enable our graduates to be lifelong learners. We are in the process of building student accommodations both for male and female students to encourage students from all of Iraq to have an opportunity to study at the University.” The American University of Kurdistan is offering 100 full scholarships for students for all Iraqis at home and abroad to come to study and experience the American style of education in variety of fields such as, business, engineering, arts and science”, Dr Numan added.

A number of projects related to health, tourism, education, and science were presented by the Iraqi youth in the UK. The conference was attended by journalists and the members of Kurdish and Iraqi communities in the UK.

Hawar Hassan, Director of Education and Culture and Hawre Yousef, Director of Trade and Investment Relations represented the KRG UK Representation at the conference.



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