KRG High Representative meets with the Chairman of UK APPG on the Kurdistan Region

London, United Kingdom (, Karwan Jamal Tahir, the Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the United Kingdom met with Jack Lopresti MP, the Chairman of UK APPG on Kurdistan Region.

Both sides discussed the recent visit of the APPG Group to Kurdistan Region and Iraq. Jack Lopresti said that “the purpose of their visit was to observe the recent developments in Kurdistan, Erbil and Baghdad’s mutual relations after the referendum which took place on 25th of September last year, meanwhile to see the moral of Kurdish people as a result of the outcomes and the measurements taken by the federal government.” He added that he was delighted to see a strong hope by the people of Kurdistan in order to overcome the issues occurred after the referendum.

KRG UK high Representative, Charmin of APPG and Director of Political Affairs and Media at KRG UK

The Chairman of APPG stressed on the importance of unity among the Kurdistan political parties to establish one block in the Iraqi parliament in order to have a united voice and strong position in the new Iraqi government to solve all the chronic issues between Erbil and Baghdad.

During the meeting, Mr Tahir thanked the APPG for their continuous support for the rights of Kurdish people and reiterated KRG UK Representation’s cooperation with the APPG on Kurdistan in order to strengthen mutual relations between both sides.

During their visit, the delegation of APPG had the opportunity to meet the KRG officials, parliamentarians, academia, NGO’s and other officials from the federal government.


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